Breuckelen magazine FAQs

What is Breuckelen magazine?
Breuckelen is the leading magazine of contemporary art and culture in Booklyn, New York. Breuckelen's Q&As, reviews and columns by today’s most forward-thinking writers, artists and curators.

Who are the editors of Breuckelen magazine?
Debra P. Hershkowitz is the editor of Breuckelen magazine.

How many times a year is Breuckelen magazine published?
Breuckelen magazine is published four times a year.

How can I advertise in Breuckelen magazine?
For advertising prices and bookings please call 718-696-8355.

Where can I buy Breuckelen magazine?
Breuckelen magazine can be bought online on our website.

What does it cost?
Breuckelen magazine is $25 per issue for those who received an invitation to participate.

How do I subscribe to Breuckelen magazine?
You cannot subscribe to Breuckelen magazine. It is available by invitation only.

Breuckelen Magazine