Audrey Frank Anastasi

Audrey Frank Anastasi paints the human face, figures, animals, and nature. As a feminist, her narratives focus on the female figure, exploring existential subjects such as sexuality, identity, body-image, innocence, violence, relationships and childhood. One of the unusual aspects of her process, is that although Audrey is right-handed, she has switched to working with her left hand, almost exclusively, for all the figure and portrait work. She feels that accepting the challenge of using the non-dominant left hand enabled her to reconnect with the physicality of the paint itself, and to redirect attention to the soul of the subject matter. Utilizing a variety of media, she applies the paint intuitively, with bold strokes, rapidly layering direct observation and imagination, to allow spontaneity in her process and surprise in the viewer.

 Ms. Anastasi cannot remember a time when she did not have a paintbrush or pencil in her hand. She received her BFA from the University of Miami on full academic scholarship, with a major in painting, and a minor in photography. Audrey moved to Brooklyn to attend Pratt Institute, where she received her MFA degree with a major in painting, and a minor in art history. She has an extensive history of exhibiting her artwork in the United States and abroad. A curator, gallery owner/director, educator and arts advocate, Audrey is, above all else, a tireless and dedicated working artist.