Hayley Severns

Hayley Severns grew up in Des Moines, Iowa. She earned her BFA in painting from Drake University and continues on to study with her teachers at a non-traditional masters level via Rose Shakinovsky and Clarie Gavronsky in Italy and South Africa.  She’s been living and working in Brooklyn, New York for a decade, and it’s through rich artistic study that Hayley finds artists of many different media inspiring. Artists such as Sigmar Polke, Chuck Close, Sophie Calle, Ellen Gallager, Jenny Holzer…  and many other artists influence her. Like her own aesthetic, she prefers art that provokes a certain unique jolt in the time the work was created, yet is still mesmerizing and captivating by its beauty, intrigue, and conversation beyond the current moment.

Hayley is active in her work daily and is quickly increasing visibility, positive attention, and therefore more participation in the overarching contemporary art dialogue.  Her philosophy is transforming often found or popular images of one context and shifting them towards a fresh one. Doing this, Hayley offers a different way of experiencing the image and its possible meanings within our conditioned human aspirations. Sometimes more abstract, she is evoking an empathetic feeling connection while she dissolves, moves, and peels layers of complexity and paradox around consumption, spirituality, being human, and that of digital and analog experience.

The works featured here are original drawings from her disSolves series of “decomposed” adverts. She also is currently busy producing a photographic series, oil paintings, pencil drawings, and exploring exciting multimedia project collaborations, all offspring of her disSolves aesthetic and concepts.

Overall, Hayley is offering high quality art works that flip the things we see daily in mass ads and media to other more freeing or inclusive possibilities or aspirations. Her works play with sincerity, a little mystery, and genuinely beautiful inquiries on where we find ourselves.