Michela Martello

Artist Michela Martello was born in Grosseto, Italy. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in illustration from Europe Institute of Design, after which she published works in over 30 books, primarily children’s book illustrations. In 1993 she shifted her focus to painting and had her first exhibition in Milano and New York. In 1998 she moved permanently to New York where she started her research as artist painter full time at Arturo di Modica’s studio, the creator of the iconic Wall Street Charging bull. In 2006 she was selected by the American Association of university woman in the “Emerging women artists juried exhibition” held at the New York Design centre. In 2007 and 2008 she was selected by Jim Kempner fine arts and Ok Harris gallery for the “NYU small work” group show at the Washington Square gallery. Her artwork has being collected and commissioned by both public and private clients; Serafina group, City cinema group, Fulton collection etc. Michela lives and works in New York, she has collaborated with: Bonelli arte contemporanea in Italy,  NYC Chelsea‘s Tria gallery, since 2012 she is also represented  Rarity gallery in Mikonos.

In 2014 she won the selection for the juried exhibition ” Understanding media, the extension of human being ” organized by Call for Bushwick , during bushwick open studios, in Brooklyn, NYC.