MLJ Johnson

A native of Washington, D.C., artist, educator, exhibition coordinator, and consultant, who grew up on Manhattan’s Lower East Side; born 1947.  Art being a universal language, I use it as a form of visual communication, morphing words into images, pictograms of life’s phenomenon.  With a very direct, minimal design, my art demands the viewers’ response; which is more personal than looking at a painting. 

Traveling to Madrid inspired my brand “Yo People”, animated images with emphatic emotional communication.  Yo People set the mood to one’s sense of humor far beyond the context of caricature or cartoon.  What appears to be comic gives rise to satire.  What might ordinarily be viewed as commonplace turns out to be ironic?  The jests of puns and the pranks, of human behavior confrontation, are all enacted through the dramatization of everyday occurrences, set into compositions, starring “Yo People”:  expressive, animated forms with exaggerated gestures of body posture, language, and meaning.

Listed in the “Who’s Who of American Artists,” as well as the “Who’s Who of African Americans”, as an Artist and Educator, I have exhibited extensively in the United States, London, Spain, Puerto Rico, South America and the African Diaspora.