The Igbo Landing series by Donovan Nelson is his interpretation of the moments before several Africans decide to drown themselves, in Dunbar Creek on St. Simons Island in Savannah, Georgia, rather than endure a life of slavery during the early 19th century.  


In the late 1980's, when Williamsburg, Brooklyn was not as trendy as it is today, photographer James Cathcart captured the blighted area better known back then for the stolen cars splatter across its streets.  Instead of the glossy condominiums and quaint cafes of late, “car stripping” was common in the area making it a preferred disposal site because of its close proximity to the river.


Photographer Franziska Strauss, was born in 1984 in Cottbus, Germany.  In 2010, she received a Bachelor of Arts in Photography from the University Of Applied Sciences in Munich Germany.  Renowned for her fluid photographs of the human body in motion, in 2013, Franziska Franziska documented the New York based contemporary dance company, Galim Dance.  Franziska currently lives and works in Berlin.


Gallim Dance


Widely known for his engaging photographs of jazz musicians, Hugh Bell (1927-2012) used his talents as a skilled portraitist, his understanding of the vicissitudes of human emotion, and a Henry Ossawa Tanner inflected exploration of human qualities to capture the vulnerabilities and strengths of his subjects in a way that only a scant few have been able to do.


Otto Neals, painter, sculptor, and print-maker was born on December 11, 1930 to Gus and Della Neals in Lake City, S.C.  When Otto was four years old, his family relocated to Brooklyn, New York where he has lived ever since.  Otto’s earliest art inspiration came from an older cousin who cared for him while his parents were in the fields.


Pablo Picasso’s Woman in Gray, 1942 is in the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Museum, and is one of several paintings he created in Paris during World War II. This portrait, with its distorted features and somber palette, call to mind the violence and despair in the German-occupied French capital